Tarot For Parties!
Illustrator: Deividas Jablonskis
Published: 2020
"Tarot for Parties" is an interesting handbook that mixes the mastery of tarot readings - bringing in a new perception of tarot, fortune-telling, and practicing magic, with the art of organizing memorable gatherings.

The book starts with useful tips for any spiritual party-hostess, advises on creating the right atmosphere for a tarot reading, and continues with “heavier” topics. After reading about the different types of tarot decks, spreads, and how to use them, the author jumps into the deep water. The next few chapters will lead you into the realms of the human brain, neuron activity, and psychology.
Traditionally as with every tarot booklet or manual, in “Tarot for Parties!” you can find a detailed description of the minor and major arcana, and of course – the suits.
The book is a useful guide that will come in handy for every practitioner who would like to share their gift with friends and family for both fun and divination.

-Nedelina Petkova

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