The Couple Next Door
Published: 2017
When new parents Anne and Marco Conti step out for a stress-free dinner party at their neighbors place, they make the harrowing decision to leave the baby at home. Later on, Anne is struck with calamitous grief when she finds her daughter’s crib empty...

In this #1 international bestseller The Couple Next Door, Lapena paints the portrait of a depressed and exhausted mother enticed by the seducements around her. As a result, when the police get involved in the case, Anne becomes a prime suspect.  

While fighting for justice, Anne is also forced into a battle for her own sanity. Therefore, The Couple Next Door opens a broader discussion on mental health and the lack of support for new mothers. At the end of this powerful novel, readers may find themselves still trying to piece together events, and while also questioning the social structures that fail these women. 

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