Author: Steve Kaplan – Sell Your Business For The Max! Review written by WA.

Sell Your Business For The Max!

Sell Your Business For The Max!
Published: 2009
If your ultimate business goal is to be profitable and successful with minimal to no debt, you should always have a well-organized plan to sell. In his third book, “Sell Your Business for the Max” Steve Kaplan has written the definitive guide to organizing your business using a process he refers to as “succession...”

Readers will appreciate Kaplan’s pleasant and personable approach to entrepreneurialism, such as his affectionately named organizational hurdles, like “Yak Yak” Factor, the “Yee Haw!” ‘Vanishing Act, “Deal Fatigue, and “staying in the game.” Kaplan writes that the book is dedicated to those who work tirelessly towards their goals and goes so far as to create visual charts of the way fatigue can affect those efforts. He says that financial freedom, being able to live a life of expression, and spending our time on the activities we enjoy is the ultimate reward.


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