Author: Tracy McLaughlin – Real Estate Rescue Review written by WA.

Real Estate Rescue

Real Estate Rescue
Published: 2020
Strategic pricing works out better than ‘overpricing,' says author Tracy McLaughlin. Let competition drive the price up. Don’t make your buyers afraid to approach you. In Real Estate Rescue, readers are educated in the "underpinnings" of value; how sellers must psychologically separate what they desire to earn on a home from the actual value of the home...

Tracy, the former owner of the fifth-largest brokerage in the country, has sold over $3 billion worth of residential real estate. And in 2020, the author was ranked 20th in the country for sales volume by The Wall Street Journal. She is also a regular contributor for publications like Bloomberg and Businessweek.

While this book may or may not be a rescue for the investment damsel in distress, it is definitely a practical guide for the “monetization” of residential assets. ‘Residential real estate comprises roughly 30 percent of the nation’s wealth,’ according to the text. However, most homeowners would probably admit to a certain degree of sentiment in the matter.



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