Author: Contributors – Marriage Cat Magazine Book Of Poetry (1). Review written by Fatima Khursheed.

Marriage Cat Magazine Book Of Poetry (1)

Marriage Cat Magazine Book Of Poetry (1)
Published: 2022
'Marriage Cat Magazine Book of Poetry (1)' elegantly blends poetic voices into a symphony of emotions and imagination as it explores eloquence - inviting readers to immerse themselves in its evocative world. As a collective, its sentiment masterfully intertwines with the very essence of the figures inhabiting the poets' musings...

This collection of work showcased by is nothing short of breathtaking. The pages come alive with scenes so poignantly composed that one can practically feel the whisper of a gentle breeze or the rustle of fallen leaves. Their words traverse the spectrum of human experience, from the ache of forsaken lovers to the pining for the changing seasons. “…And once you fall for Fall / It feels like flying / In her embrace of amber.”

If you’re sitting down quietly to read  Marriage Cat Magazine Book Of Poetry (1), you will find solace, as this grouping of poems serves as a portal to realms where imagination intertwines with emotion. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of the heart, inviting introspection for readers to discover the landscapes of their own feelings.

-Fatima Khursheed

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