Author: from: PWCD Contributors – from: PWCD 2019-2020 Book One. Review written by Suzi Newman.

from: PWCD 2019 – 2020 Book One

from: PWCD 2019 - 2020 Book One
Illustrator: Yuliya Baranych
Published: 2020
"from: PWCD 2019 - 2020 Book One" is a grouping of essays, scholarly papers, and letters published by, a feminist website, now nearly two years old. The book is a fresh look into the struggles women have been facing for decades and speaks to a bright future for all women.

The objective is one of encouragement – strong women taking back their power, which the material does effectively. At the same time, it cognitively aligns various concepts of feminism with the world’s affairs, such as issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of taking care of our planet.

Each chapter is a story written by a different author, giving each subject a fresh voice and contrastive angle. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for an insightful read about modern-day life.

-Suzi Newman

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